With over 10 years’ experience, we specialize in all your borehole requirements: Professional and comprehensive borehole drilling, equipment installation, storage solutions and connections, maintenance and repairs. Our mission is to offer specialized advice and services to all our clients, ensuring product and system efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We normally operate in all areas in Gauteng, which include Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Johannesburg and surrounding areas, but also offer our services in any other areas on special request

What makes us different?

We like to think we offer a service above the rest. We tackle the job and try get it done as soon as possible with efficiency and quality workmanship.

We offer a 100 % guarantee on all work we perform. We strive of satisfying our clients.

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Step 1 Water Divining

Locating and divining of borehole water done

Step 2 Borehole Drilling

Once the hydro-geologists have helped us prep a path for borehole drilling, we follow through and construct the borehole.

Step 3 Yield Test of Borehole

Accurate yield tests done to determine depth, level and continuous water yield in borehole, for accurate installation of borehole equipment for the most efficient use of borehole 

Step 4 Water Analysis

Lab testing done on water as well as referrals for the very best laboratories in the country to determine the quality of your water source. Filtration system installations, sales and after sale services and inspections .
  • Borehole drilling

    Drilling and preparing of the hole in the ground into which the borehole equipment is installed

  • Complete borehole equipping

    Complete installations of the borehole equipment from the power source right up to the bottom of the hole, with everything in between i.e. electrical cabling and connections, control box/panel, borehole motor, pump and pipe, protection panels, water storage systems incl. water tanks, booster pumps etc. These installations are performed by our teams of qualified electricians

  • Water storage solutions

    Installations of storage tanks for water supply systems to and from your home and/or garden, or for backup water purposes.

  • Borehole protection panels

    Superior protection for your borehole system against events that cause equipment failure or damage. This includes dry holes, phase drops, over current etc.

  • Pressure systems

    Installations and solutions for water supply systems to and from your home and/or garden, including water storage tanks, booster pumps, irrigation pumps etc.

  • Borehole maintenance services

    Inspections and testing of borehole equipment and systems ensuring that you get the best possible continuous use from your water supply system.

  • Water analysis recommendations and advice

    Referrals for the very best laboratories in the country to determine the quality of your water source, as well as recommendations on filtration systems etc.