How It Works

Choosing the correct water treatment system for your specific requirement can be very challenging with the various different water purifiers and water filters on the market. We can help you to buy the water filter system that suits your requirements. We offer various different water filters and water purifiers for residential & Industrial use all around South Africa. 

Water Analysis

Lab testing done on water as well as referrals for the very best laboratories in the country to determine the quality of your water source. Filtration system installations, sales and after sale services and inspections .
  • Whole House Filtration
  • Reverse osmosis water systems
  • Water bottling filtration

Water Dispensers

Sales and rentals of a verity of different hot and cold water dispensers

Step 1 Get a Quote

Get a quotation from our friendly sales team. They will advice on the type of water purification system you require.

Step 2 : Arrange a Site Inspection

A site inspection will be booked, if needed. It’s very important to have everything in place before scheduling installation of your Water Purification System.

Step 3 : Schedule Your Installation

We will schedule the installation of the water filter system on a date that suites you best.